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Baked goods
The origin of the prestigious Borsari Trade Mark is born in the city of Verona, wonderful city which lies down on the banks of the Adige and the undisputed home of the Pandoro.
To the Roman emperor Claudio, who donated to the city a period of serene prosperity, is traced back the construction of the famous door Decumana, which offers an excellent example of Roman architecture scenery. Its denomination: Porta Borsari is however medieval and banded to the presence of the tax collectors, who stopped here to collect duties on goods in transit.
Well, just thinking of “Bursarii” of the early middle Ages, we like to imagine, in a fair day, in addition to professional merchants, the more frequent goers: they were the inhabitants of the countryside, with their loads of grain, fruit and honey that millers, furnace workers, bakers and pastry makers turned into breads and pancakes.
It was surely this medieval dream which impelled, back in 1903, the master confectioner Titian Golfetti to open, dedicating it to the Porta Borsari, his first craftsman laboratory. From his expert hands were born several pastry specialties, including first and foremost the typical soft and fragrant Pandoro, Panettone and Colombe with delicious cream fillings and vanilla scented chocolate, which Master Golfetti, reminiscent of the mythical “bursae” inserted in painted cartons.

Faithful the tradition of craftsmanship, which made excellent those early products, the Muzzi, current owners the Borsari company, continue to produce thousands of cream filled specialties, with the same care of the glorious old pastry makers.

Quality Management System and Product Certification
IDB srl (INDUSTRIA DOLCIARIA BORSARI) is a Company affirmed in Italy in manufacturing and marketing pastry confectionery. This reality, matured and consolidated in time, is the fruit of special attention aimed at pursuiting the Quality of its own product. The main aim is the complete satisfaction of the Customer, that comes placed at the centre of the attentions of the IDB. The continuous training of human resources and the efficiency of the productive and organizational processes is confirmed by the certification for both the management system and the product, listed below:

Quality management system
Quality management system is in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

The offerer insures that the ingredients of their products (including the raw materials and semi-finished) are not of origin and / or of composition derived from Genetically Modified Organisms.

BRC Global Standard
IDB srl has obtained in 2009 the BRC certification Global Standard Food, Regulation that is able to meet the demands of European retailers in terms of food safety.

Social Responsibility
The Borsari Pastry-making Industry guarantees observance of the legislative requirements regarding its internal work conditions and along the supply chain. The certification according to the standard requirements of SA8000 concerns the verification of certain principles such as the prohibition of child and imposed work, discrimination of age, race and sex, the respect of working hours and compensation policies, the application of disciplinary practices, freedom of association and right to collective agreements, the working environment.

The Panettone

The first records on the Panettone date back to 1200.
It was born in Milan, though its fame spread throughout Italy. The story about its origins merges with legend.
But only one legend was not enough: there are two of them, and the setting is in both cases Milan in the Renaissance era.
The first legend is about Ughetto, son of a noble warlord, in love with the daughter of a baker. Ughetto managed to be hired at the bakery and invented a new cake to impress the girl’s father and make her fall in love with him. He mixed together flour, eggs, butter, honey, and dried raisins, then baked the dough and so created a cake that everyone adored. And, as in the most beautiful fairy tales, “they lived happily ever after”.
In the other legend, the protagonist was Toni, a young dishwasher serving at the court of Ludovico il Moro. In order to help the cook who failed and got the Christmas dessert burnt, he mixed all the ingredients he found in the pantry to create a new one. What came out was great, the court was amazed, and the new cake was called Pan de Toni.

In both legends can be found two typical features of the Italian nature: passion and creativity as a way to overcome troubles.
Panettone is all these things.

The products

The Panettone, Pandoro and other Borsari specialties, produced according to the traditional recipe and the finest ingredients, are the highlights of the production and are differentiated by the unique taste and the goodness of the raw materials used.
In so many varieties of taste and packaging, every panettone encloses all the goodness and Borsari’s care for detail.
  • ingredCLASSIC Candied fruits and raisins. Following the original recipe as a must, in full and conscious respect of the 2015 Regulation safeguarding its production.
    Richly dropped on the soft dough, chocolate chips offer a delicious variation for the sweet tooth.
    The dough of the Classic Panettone, garnished with candied fruits and raisins, is covered with a glaze, which enhances its sweet taste.
    This pairing has always been the best: in this very soft Panettone the pear and the chocolate unite to enhance each other’s taste.
    To do it we only choose raw ingredients of Italian controlled origin: yeast, flour, eggs, vanilla, and a pinch of salt, flavorings, butter and milk.

... for Every Day

New born snacks, created for your breakfast time, excellent on every moment of your day
  • Piùbuoni Classici (8 units per pack, individually flow packed)
  • merendePiùbuoni Pere e cioccolato (8 units per pack, individually flow packed)
  • Piùbuoni Mirtilli rossi (8 units per pack, individually flow packed)
  • Le stelline Classiche (8 units per pack, individually flow packed)
  • Le stelline Gocce di cioccolato (8 units per pack, individually flow packed)
  • Cioccosi (8 units per pack, individually flow packed)
  • Crostatine albicocca (8 units per pack, individually flow packed)
  • Crostatine frutti di bosco (8 units per pack, individually flow packed)
  • Crostatine crema alla nocciola (8 units per pack, individually flow packed)