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    Shanghai, China

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We know the value of being forward thinking

About our Company


Q10 is an Italian-Chinese company dealing with the supply of high-quality Italian products to meet the increasing demand from China.
The point is that this demand is currently being met by fake products.
Why choose the fake product if you can have the real one?
One of the reasons why Q10 was created is to stop the knock-off market of Italian products.
Since we know that the production of a country reflects its culture, we want to portray Italy in all its regional diversity and history, because we believe that only knowledge can lead to a deeper appreciation.
We choose our partners with extreme care, in order to export only the best ambassadors of Italian expertise.

MADE IN ITALY Excellence

In the other countries, Made in Italy means a first-class expertise, while for the Italians there is no other way to do things.
It is an inner striving for delivering always more excellent performances, counting on an ancient collective cultural background that is constantly enhanced by new talents, who know exactly what quality means and work hard to achieve it.
The Italian know-how is made of creativity, attention to details, expertise, and intense search for excellence. It means aspiring to masterpiece and demanding beauty more than anything else, but a kind of beauty that has to be efficient, genuine and healthy, just like the ancient Romans taught us.
Q10's aim is to find and gather the top representatives of Made in Italy Food and Wine industry, since it is here that Italian nature expresses at its best.


The corporate headquarters have been strategically located in order to give a real and solid foundation to the project.
Q10 is setting its operating office in Shanghai, in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, which is a location able to offer manifold advantages: free entrance of imported goods, exemption from VAT and duties, simplified bureaucracy and no Internet censorship, with free access to the global web. 9300 companies coming from 72 different Countries, including 135 multinational corporations that entered the “Fortune 500” list, have already chosen this zone.
The Free Trade Zone is part of the reform plan launched by the Chinese government for a greater openness towards the other countries.
Located in the Pudong district, near the port and the airport, the FTZ is now experiencing a real boost and promotion supported by political authorities through organized urban plans.
Italian headquarters are in Piedmont, namely in Biella, that is the Fashion District renowned also for the high-quality textile production. The city is also a worthy representative of the rich Piedmont’s culinary tradition and can boast specialties and local produce that reflect its unique identity.