• Mission e obiettivi

Our Philosophy

Mission & Objectives

One of the factors that leads us to believe in this project is that in any foreign market the role of importers, with their stocks for day-by-day supply, is crucial. This choice is mandatory in China, as all import and export operations must be carried out by companies having a foreign trade license. Furthermore, even large customers (hotel chains, mass merchandisers, etc.) do not import almost never directly.
Therefore, the importer role is the only access channel possible.

In practice we deal with
› Selection and purchase of our partner companies' products;
› Development of suitable communication strategies for the Chinese market in cooperation with manufacturers;
› Support during the drafting of the documents needed for exportation, labelling included, in cooperation with a Chinese partner;
› Organization and management of shipping services from Italy;
› Management of the customs clearance of products and payment of the relevant duties;
› Distribution in the Chinese area through associate companies;
› Follow up and steering of all the promotion, marketing, and sale activities in China.

Team working Q10

Q10 works as a glue between Made in Italy excellence and Chinese commercial operators.
Each time, it sets the most effective marketing goals and strategies to ensure the promotion of Italian products. Thanks to a thorough analysis of the Chinese market and the knowledge of the partner companies' identity, it decides how is best to communicate, also according to the participation in events and the related promotion aimed at raising the Italian companies' brand awareness.
Q10's team is organized to best interact with agents, buyers, importers, distribution chains, and buying groups, thanks also to the active communication with the Chinese authorities involved.
In addition to the registered office located in Shanghai, in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, a Showroom will be opened in the city center, acting as a permanent and vibrant showcase of the represented brands' products and as a reference point for distribution.


We want to become the most reliable reference point for those who demand authentically Italian food and the most authoritative channel to match supply and demand.

Mission & Objectives

Q10 deals with import and sale only of items produced in Italy in the Chinese market.
Our mission is to gather the Italian producers of quality food products and promote them by focusing on customer needs, but also by “educating them” to recognize their quality.

Our Philosophy

Un Network italiano

  • The market share in which we focus is Business customers who are quality conscious and sensitive to the charm of Made in Italy. Our main goals are the achievement of a significant volume of sales and the development of the reputation of the brands handled.
    To try to achieve these goals, we will work mainly on a number of aggressive communication and distribution strategies, which increase the credibility and reputation of the brands.