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Fetta panettonePanettone and Pandoro

The origin of the prestigious Borsari Trade Mark is born in the city of Verona, wonderful city which lies down on the banks of the Adige and the undisputed home of the Pandoro.
To the Roman emperor Claudio, who donated to the city a period of serene prosperity, is traced back the construction of the famous door Decumana, which offers an excellent example of Roman architecture scenery. Its denomination: Porta Borsari is however medieval and banded to the presence of the tax collectors, who stopped here to collect duties on goods in transit.

The first records on the Panettone date back to 1200.
It was born in Milan, though its fame spread throughout Italy. The story about its origins merges with legend.
But only one legend was not enough: there are two of them, and the setting is in both cases Milan in the Renaissance era.
The first legend is about Ughetto, son of a noble warlord, in love with the daughter of a baker. Ughetto managed to be hired at the bakery and invented a new cake to impress the girl’s father and make her fall in love with him. He mixed together flour, eggs, butter, honey, and dried raisins, then baked the dough and so created a cake that everyone adored. And, as in the most beautiful fairy tales, “they lived happily ever after”.
In the other legend, the protagonist was Toni, a young dishwasher serving at the court of Ludovico il Moro. In order to help the cook who failed and got the Christmas dessert burnt, he mixed all the ingredients he found in the pantry to create a new one. What came out was great, the court was amazed, and the new cake was called Pan de Toni.

The products

The Panettone, Pandoro and other Borsari specialties, produced according to the traditional recipe and the finest ingredients, are the highlights of the production and are differentiated by the unique taste and the goodness of the raw materials used.
In so many varieties of taste and packaging, every panettone encloses all the goodness and Borsari’s care for detail.
  • CLASSIC Candied fruits and raisins. Following the original recipe as a must, in full and conscious respect of the 2015 Regulation safeguarding its production.
  • CHOCOLATE CHIP Richly dropped on the soft dough, chocolate chips offer a delicious variation for the sweet tooth.
  • GLAZED The dough of the Classic Panettone, garnished with candied fruits and raisins, is covered with a glaze, which enhances its sweet taste.
  • PANDORO To do it we only choose raw ingredients of Italian controlled origin: yeast, flour, eggs, vanilla, and a pinch of salt, flavorings, butter and milk.



500 g
商品编码 PRODUCT CODE: 1003.227
条形码 EAN CODE: 8003781372245
件数/箱 PCS/CASE: 12
保质期 (月)SHELF LIFE (MONTHS): 10
柏萨丽传统简装葡萄干橙皮面包<br>PANETTONE <b>Classico</b> ALTO


100 g
商品编码 PRODUCT CODE: 1004.945
条形码 EAN CODE: 8003781370258
件数/箱 PCS/CASE: 48
保质期 (月)SHELF LIFE (MONTHS): 10
柏萨丽传统盒装葡萄干橙皮面包<br>PANETTONCINO <b>Classico</b> IN ASTUCCIO


100 g
商品编码 PRODUCT CODE: 1004.854
条形码 EAN CODE: 8003781377776
件数/箱 PCS/CASE: 48
保质期 (月)SHELF LIFE (MONTHS): 10
柏萨丽盒装巧克力面包<br>PANETTONCINO <b>Cioccolato</b> IN ASTUCCIO


1000 g
商品编码 PRODUCT CODE: 1003.508
条形码 EAN CODE: 8003781375086
件数/箱 PCS/CASE: 12
保质期 (月)SHELF LIFE (MONTHS): 10
柏萨丽传统盒装法布芮樱桃味面包<br>PANETTONE CON <b>AMARENA FABBRI</b> - BASSO