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A modern company of european calibre
Tradition and high quality products

Novi is a leader in the chocolate sector and an all-Italian brand. Its mission is to produce chocolate with the same passion that inspired its founders in 1903.
Today, Novi is one of the most modern European industrial companies, and is committed to offering consumers high-quality products. These products are created from the best cocoa-beans selected at source (Central America and Africa), toasted in the Novi Ligure factory; what’s more, its typically Piedmontese specialities only use the fine hazelnut from our hills.


Gran Nocciolato Gianduja, the Novi hazelnut chocolate par excellence, unique and unparalleled, derives from the combination of pure Gianduia chocolate, already rich in fine hazelnut paste, and the whole hazelnuts from our hills, selected in their original land and roasted until browning at the Novi plant.
The Nocciolato Gianduja range is integrated by three specialties with excellent whole hazelnuts, pride of Novi: Nocciolato Fondente, for those who love extra plain chocolate; Nocciolato Bianco, for those who prefer the delicate taste of white chocolate; Nocciolato al Latte, the most recent one, with the classic Novi extra fine milk chocolate.
Nocciolato Novi, the leader in Italy.

Fine chocolate bars, each with a unique flavour, resulting from an exclusive mix of the best cocoa varieties enriched with high quality ingredients.
White, Noisette, extra fine milk chocolate with hazelnut flakes, the “special reserve” Cremoso al Latte added with cream, Gianduja Novi, the most popular classic chocolate with finely grind hazelnuts in Italy and Fondentenero Novi, the chocolate bar with the highest cocoa content preferred by Italians.

Classic milk chocolate with 30% of fine cocoa and extra plain chocolate with a strong flavour and 50% of the best African and Central American cocoa varieties.
Extra fine milk and extra plain NOVIBLOC: portionable squares, ideal also to make sweets.

Elegant boxes enclose the unique flavour of the extra dark chocolate. Two “blended” dark chocolates with 88% and 99% cocoa selected at source and the all-new extra dark chocolate with orange and almond shavings. Two unmistakable flavours: the intensely aromatic flavour of Ecuador, with 75% cocoa; the delicate bitter chocolate of Ghana with 70% cocoa.

nocciole e latteNOVIPIÙ
Extraordinary and young with tasty fillings. Novipiù is an alternative to traditional snacks, combining the quality of Novi chocolate and the pleasure of delicious and healthy ingredients. A full range of 7 references. Flow pack pocket format to rally with taste in any moment of the day.

More delicius and finer in a handy individual flow pack package.
Our gianduia chocolate, extra plain chocolate, with whole hazelnuts from our hills, Fondentenero, extra fine milk chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate with 5 cereals... always with you.



Born in Piedmont in mid-19th century, when cocoa was as precious as gold... Classic overturned boat shape. An expert combination of the best varieties of cocoa and precious hazelnuts from our hills.
A classic of Novi tradition.
Wide range of packages for one’s own consumption and gifts.


A delicious praline expressing the harmony of three great tastes.
Extra fine milk chocolate with crushed hazelnuts and an extra plain chocolate 72% shell containing a soft cream and a whole hazelnut from our hills. Packages for one’s own consumption and gifts.

Nocciolato Novi in single portions. Pure gianduia, white and plain chocolate with two fragrant whole hazelnuts from our hills.
A different way to taste great Novi specialties also in company.

Assorted chocolates with a soft centre. A pure extra fine milk chocolate containing a fine hazelnut, cappuccino and cocoa cream filling.

Very thin mini chocolate bars. Extra fine milk chocolate with 30% of cocoa. Fondentenero with 72% of cocoa. Nero Nero with 88% of cocoa.

Two layers of pure gianduia chocolate containing a creamy layer of pure chocolate with hazelnut paste. In the classic and noir version for dark chocolate lovers.