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Tradition, respect and personality live together in our wines
Since 1894, Orsolani produces still and sparkling wines coming almost exclusively from its vineyard, using only organic fertilizers and environment-friendly treatment products, according to the EEC regulations.
It produces around 150,000 bottles a year. Erbaluce covers over 90% of production.
It is a member of Comitato Grandi Cru d'Italia (Italian Committee of Grandi Cru), which gathers all the companies willing to promote their production and cultivated lands.


The Vine
Erbaluce is the peculiar vine of the territory.
From Greek origin it grows the best in this area.
Erbaluce shows characteristics of good strengthand a very low basal fertility. Cluster size is average; the shape is cylindrical and elongate. Grapes are spherical with thick skin; at ripening the colour nuance is gold if properly exposed to the sunlight*.
Since 2009 the name Erbaluce di Caluso, was certified and protected worldwide, recognizing the geographical identification. We are very proud of this legal achievement as this vine is now viewed all over the world as symbiotic with the land.

The cellar
Four Orsolani generations have taken care of the cellar since 1894: a long history of 120 years concentrated in four keywords: seriousness, respect, work and territory.

* Thanks to the peculiar characteristics of the vine we produce some structured white wines, some top class sparkling wines and undisputed quality raisin wines.

Ethics and Philosophy

Continuous improvement of wine quality and respect of the characteristics of territory and vine is the mission of the family.
Respect for nature is the base of working, to minimize the impact on territory and safeguard health for us and for our customers.
We use only organic fertilizers and low environmental impact treatments, according to EU rules.
Works in vineyards are mainly manual with little use of tractors; in the cellar the use of enological products is minimal and energy is almost fully generated by a photovoltaic station with an expected yearly  reduction of CO2 emissions of 20 tons.


  • ACINI SPARSI - Canavese doc
    Dry red wine 2014
    The ancient wine growing tradition of the Canavese area is evidenced by red grapes varieties, that have always been grown, like Barbera, Nebbiolo, Neretto blended in this wine. This Doc wine is produced with great care for grapes ripening.
  • LA RUSTÌA - Erbaluce di Caluso docg
    Dry white wine 2014 & 2015
    The unique personality of this wine comes from the strict grape selection and maniacal care for details in any vinification phase.
  • CUVÈE TRADIZIONE - Caluso Spumante doc Gran Riserva
    Dry white sparkling wine / Classic Method
    This reserve started from 1995 vintage, to realize the aim of differentiating and widening the offer of this wine variety that was the preferred one since ever. We are fully convinced that Caluso Erbaluce grapes are a perfect variety to produce great white sparkling wines (Classic Method).
  • SULÉ - Caluso Passito doc
    Sweet white raisin wine 2009
    This ancient wine mixes the old Roman tradition in producing sweet wines from Erbaluce grapes and our continuous improvement aim that developed since 1990 a new aging in wood barrels enhancing peculiar characteristics.

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